We invite companies, organizations and individuals to consider underwriting the WVIFF to secure exposure while making a significant contribution to the local film arts. The fee paid by an Underwriter to the WVIFF is considered a tax-deductible contribution by the IRS. Underwriting contributions are a critically important source of operating funds for our organization and The Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema. We appreciate your help!

Advantages of Underwriting

When your organization underwrites the WVIFF, you help support an important local film arts asset, and provide your business or organization with a significant marketing advantage at the same time.

As an investment in underwriting, WVIFF offers your business:

  • An effective complement to ongoing advertising, public relations and marketing campaigns.
  • An association with WVIFF, which strengthens public perception of your company’s commitment to the community and the quality of its products and services.

  • Your company’s support of the film arts has a positive influence on an annual audience of over six thousand movie-goers to purchase your company’s products and services.

Become an Underwriter

Underwriters have the benefit of being included in the slideshow before each film screening. Videos (with sound) are shown immediately before each film begins, along with other movie trailers.

Underwriting Type Cost Length Each Additional 5 second increments
Still Frame $100 15 seconds N/A
Video (without sound) $125 15 seconds $30
Video (with sound) $250 15 seconds $45
*All rates are per year. Partial year rates are pro-rated plus 10%


 If you would like to discuss details, please e-mail wvfilmfestival@gmail.com.  To become an Underwriter, download our WVIFF Underwriting Agreement . Prepayment is required for the term of the Underwriting Agreement. Payments may be made by credit card as well, and you may contact us to arrange that.

Consider also becoming a member of The Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema!