In celebration of the 20th anniversary of THE ROOM we are bringing another late night screening to The Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema!

This is a special late night after hours event. The movie will start at 9:30 PM, you can enter through Taylor Books from 9:00 PM to 10 PM but you will have to exit through the Alleyway door, and leave by either side at the Lee St. Triangle or Quarrier St. openings.

Important note for first time viewers: this is a cult classic movie screening, people will be talking, yelling out their favorite lines, and throwing footballs/spoons so come prepared!

Join us in a unique location, late at night, for this exciting movie event!

Synopsis: Johnny is a successful banker who lives happily in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancĂ©e, Lisa. One day, inexplicably, she gets bored of him and decides to seduce Johnny’s best friend, Mark. From there, nothing will be the same again.