When single father John (James Norton) is given only a few months left to live, he tries to find the perfect family for his young son while shielding the boy from the terrible reality of the situation. As he struggles to find the right answer for the impossible task, he meets a social worker who opens him up to solutions he never would have considered.

What the Critics Are Saying:

“Norton is spectacular, but little Lamont delivers one of those uncanny performances that doesn’t seem like acting, and makes you feel for the kid almost as much as his onscreen parent does.”
– Glenn Kenny New York Times

“Uberto Pasolini’s intimate family drama trains a pleasingly unsentimental lens on a heart-wrenching scenario.”
– David Rooney Hollywood Reporter

“Norton shows his depths here with a finely judged turn, bouncing between anger, frustration, affection and despair. It’s a strong film all around, poised and more delicately emotional than the subject might suggest.”
– Paul Byrnes Sydney Morning Herald