Jeremy the Dud

Join us for the opening film of the Fall Film Festival! Jeremey the Dud! This is a red carpet event! Show up to the front entrance of Taylor Books! The film will be followed by a Skype discussion and Q&A! About the Film: Jeremy the Dud is set in a world where...
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A Ghost Story

Join us at the Underground Cinema by WVIFF for October's feature film: A Ghost Story       About the film:   A Ghost Story is a 2017 American supernatural drama film written and directed by David Lowery. It stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, with...
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Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

Join us at the Underground Cinema by WVIFF for October's Movie That Matter Mondays film: Abacus: Small Enough to Jail       About the film:   Abacus: Small Enough to Jail is a 2016 American documentary film by Steve James. The film centers on the...
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Film / NotFilm

NOTFILM is a feature-length experimental essay on FILM -- its author Samuel Beckett, its star Buster Keaton, its production and its philosophical implications -- utilizing additional outtakes, never before heard audio recordings of the production meetings, and other...
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WVIFF is proud to present 11/8/16 at the 2017 Fall Film Festival! Playing Mon., 10/30 @ 7:00 pm at the Capitol Theater and Sun., 11/5 @ 5:30 pm at Underground CInema 11/8/16 is a documentary observing the morning of Election Day 2016 when Americans of all stripes woke...
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What Lies Upstream

WVIFF is proud to present What Lies Upstream at the 2017 Fall Film Festival! What Lies Upstream is a documentary that investigates the 2014 water crisis in West Virginia following the Freedom Industries chemical spill that left 300,000 people without drinking water...
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Wristcutters: A Love Story

About Must See Cinema:   Each month, a different curator picks a classic and engaging film that they feel a strong connection to. Movies grab people in a lot of different ways, and our curators picked films that they can speak about passionately. Whether it is...
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Endless Poetry

Surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky tells the story of himself as a young man becoming a poet in Chile, befriending other artists, and freeing himself from the limits of his youth. Both screenings of Endless Poetry are preceded by a Holler Presents short film....
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Donor List

Underground Cinema would like to thank the following donors, who's financial contribution helped make Charleston's first Micro Theatre possible.

Gary Zuckett
Andy White
Petia Blagoeff
Daniel Baldwin
Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Mark B. Davis
Karen Tabor and Greg Carroll
Brian Pennington
Laura Perry
April Lilly
Amy Brenan
Zach Harold
Jane Pritchard
Larry Wills
Barbara Koster
Walter Clements
Dan Taylor
Jane Funk
Cody Schuler
Laura Harbert Allen
Christina R Peraino
Karen Fish
Amy Brenan
Gena Ellis
Debra LaDoucer
Sam Holdren
Melissa Swick
Sheridan Cleland
Abraham A. Cassis
Frank Hartman

Emmett Pepper
Terry Messinger
Jennifer Hill
Elizabeth Jordan
Kevin Baker
Matthew Brabbin
Christopher Oxley
Sue Julian & Erin Allen
Isaac Taylor
Briana Wilson
Amanda Griffith
Brendan Bell
Marsha Albert
Maureen Conley
Shané Wilson
Lynne Schwartz-Barker
Barbara Steinke
Lori Magana
Chuck Anziulewicz
Chris Higgins
Denise Workman
Brian Leary
Perry Bennett
Dawn Warfield
Catherine Moore
Danita and Kurt Nellhaus
Tony Sade & Holly Cloonan
Loree Stark & Rob Bricken
John Barrett
Julia Shalhoup Family Law
Eric Wagner

Rachel Kerns
Paula & Tom Flaherty
Carol Caudill
Betty Justice
Erin Brewster
Arla Ralston
Commercial Insurance Services Inc.
Susan Hathaway
Thomas Rodd
Sam Haddad and Betty Ireland
Erica Pulling
Jill Miles
Nancy Daugherty
Philip Combs
Sheridan Cleland
Alice Hypes
Dave Thomas
Travis Baldwin
Lou Newberger
Susan Scott
Austin Haney
Callen McJunkin
Jon Matthews
Scott Kaminski
Mr. ArtWalk
DL Hamilton
Jim and Jessica Lane
The Bell Law Firm
Pepper and Nason

Abraham A. Cassis
Bill Denham & Sarah Tucker
T-Graphics, LLC
Fred Hess
Debbie & Jeff Haught
Justin Litton
Catherine Nutter
Aaron Geething
Pamela Brick
Dickinson Gould
Basil Jarrell
Greg Harpold
Terry Wyrostok
Bobby Oberlander
Emily Basile
Liz Swick
Frank E. Grant & Vincent P. Burke
Ann Gentry
Lance Schrader
Benjamin and Tera Salango
Cindy Majestro and Scott Gessel
FISH Ofiesh
Moxxee Coffee
David Hoyer