Come join us Tuesday evening, July 16th for a screening of the film “Paper Tigers,” and stick around for a panel discussion to follow!

This event is co-sponsored in part by the Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema and WVIFF, the American Friends Service Committee, WV ACEs Coalition, WV Kids Health Partnership, and WV-SOAR. More great sponsors and panelists to be announced!

Tickets are $9 adult/$5 students and can be purchased at the door or by reservation at the website starting in June:

Film description:
“Paper Tigers” is a film about hope, resilience, trauma-healing and transformation. Based on the ground-breaking scientific research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), one alternative high school in Washington state asks the following questions:

What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? And how do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn?

Armed with their own cameras and their own voices, the teens of Paper Tigers offer raw but valuable insight into the hearts and minds of teens pushing back against the specter of a hard childhood.

Against the harsh reality of truancy, poor grades, emotional pain, and physical violence, answers begin to emerge. The answers do not come easily. Nor can one simply deduce a one-size-fits-all solution to a trauma-informed education. But there is no denying something both subtle and powerful at work between teacher and student alike: the quiet persistence of love.

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