“Paper & Glue” is a feature-length documentary that follows acclaimed French artist JR around the globe as he builds some of his most monumental projects, challenging perspectives and uniting communities through his thought-provoking work.

From early illicit graffiti videos captured on Paris rooftops at night, to the US-Mexico border, to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, to a current collaboration at a California supermax prison, the film follows JR as he turns these communities inside out, turning images of residents into eye-catching and immersive art installations.

In “Paper & Glue,” JR uses his vision and style to desensitize the general public’s “out of sight, out of mind” approach to those who are suffering. JR uses his platform to weave together these emotionally reflective present-day portraits to represent the global voice of women and men unheard.


Robert Abele TheWrap The work may disappear – the documentary ends with an intentionally short-lived exhibition tied to an abandoned high-rise set for demolition – but the people, JR wants us to know, will always be there.

Pat Padua Washington PostThis is a story about people first, but also about the way we see.

Odie Henderson RogerEbert.comI love movies about process, and this film is chock full of scenes showing how things get done.