June 17 at 5:30pm

Join us at the Underground Cinema for a Special one time screening of “Exotic” with special guest director Amy Oden! About the Film: To most tourists, Guam is a tropical paradise; a place full of picturesque scenery and lush beaches. But like any paradise, there’s a dark side. In her eye-opening documentary Exotic, producer/director/editor Amy Oden turns her camera away from the idyllic beaches to one of its most lucrative underground trades: the sex trade. The island—a U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean—seems like an ideal situation for women interested in making money as a dancer: It’s an exotic spot and its laws make it easy for dancers to earn a good deal of money in a short amount of time. But those same laws make it easy for club owners and tourists to take advantage of dancers. Through candid interviews with a number of dancers and sex workers in Guam, Oden exposes the perils these women face just to make enough money to survive. Guam’s loose laws make it so that workers have essentially no protection from the local government, meaning that if they’re scammed out of money or become victims of violence, turning to the police to report crimes will most likely result in jail time. It’s a tragic and oft-ignored situation that Oden bravely exposes in her documentary, with hopes that the more this issue is discussed, the more pressure Guam’s government will feel to eventually protect its sex workers.

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