The third film of the inaugural season of the Underground Cinema’s “Must See Cinema” series is curated by Caitlin Gaffin of WV FREE.

About November’s film, An Angel at My Table (1990)

Based on the autobiographical work of New Zealand writer Janet Frame, this production depicts the author at various stage of her life. Afflicted with mental and emotional issues, Frame grows up in an impoverished family and experiences numerous tragedies while still in her youth, including the deaths of two of her siblings. Portrayed as an adult by Kerry Fox, Frame finds acclaim for her writing while still in a mental institution, and her success helps her move on with her life.

About Novembers curator, Caitlin Gaffin

Caitlin Gaffin is a reproductive justice advocate, working as director of operations for WV FREE. She was born in Logan – the granddaughter of both Mexican immigrants who sought work in coal mines and Devil “Anse” Hatfield – and grew up all across the country, including Los Angeles, Oregon, and West Virginia. She attended Columbia University in NYC, where she began a brief love affair with French and British New Wave, and a much longer attraction to documentaries. Caitlin serves on the board of the WVIFF and adores foreign and independent films, with a special soft spot for those involving feminist heroines, black comedy, and coming-of-age stories. Her favorite guilty pleasure movies include anything with John Cusack. Caitlin lives on the West Side with her husband Josh and their ever-expanding menagerie of cats and dogs.

About Must see Cinema

“Must See Cinema” brings Charleston film lovers from all walks of life together to talk about a movie that they have a strong connection to. Each month there is a new film and a new curator. Movies grab people in a lot of different ways, and our curators pick films they are passionate about. Whether it is because the film made them think about something differently, they think it is underrated, or they just think it is so great that it deserves a screening, each month’s curator will be passionate about that month’s film. The curated film will be shown on Thursday nights throughout the month.

The first Thursday of the month is a special night where the curator will be present and have a conversation about the movie with an interviewer as well as the audience. The audience will both get to see the movie and get the added value of hearing why the curator think it is special.

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